Innovation Challenge - July 2023

Micromobility Stream - Challenge 1

Design and implementation solutions for measuring and modelling existing and future micromobility needs.

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Design and implementation solutions for measuring and modelling existing and future micromobility needs.

Delivering micromobility solutions first requires an understanding of what is happening in the infrastructure system.  Parsons is looking for companies, products, and solutions that help to solve design and implementation issues through measuring, forecasting, and modelling micromobility in a way that accounts for existing and future micromobility needs.

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Micromobility Challenge Stream

Micromobility, or people-powered movement, is becoming a larger component of an integrated multimodal transportation system. Cities and campuses need solutions to improve micromobility infrastructure including walking paths, cycling and scooter tracks, and more.

Parsons Corporation has provided two micromobility innovation challenges which focus on deriving innovative solutions around designing, building, testing, and validating either a component and part or full end micromobility system with less carbon footprint and costs.

Meet our Innovation Challenge partner, Parsons Corporation

Parsons Corporation

Parsons Corporation

As leaders in integrated design and delivery, and experts in the digital enablement of traditional transportation infrastructure, we combine new technologies – like cloud-based intelligent transportation solutions – with legacy infrastructure, to improve traffic efficiency, enhance safety, reduce emissions, and maximize our clients’ investment. Founded in 1944, Parsons Corporation, a digitally enabled solutions provider, is focused on creating the future of the defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure markets. From Earth to outer space, we deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. Equipped with the capabilities required to take on any defense, intelligence, or critical infrastructure challenge, our agile, innovative, and disruptive approach enables us to deliver solutions at the speed of relevance.

Our professionals use the latest technologies to deliver complex roads, bridges, tunnels, highways, and transit solutions. By leveraging augmented and virtual reality, XD modeling, digital twins, and drones, we’re unlocking the potential of transportation infrastructure for our customers and the communities they serve.