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Magnes Group, an independent insurance brokerage, takes pride in offering straightforward, holistic, and honest advice to help clients navigate their insurance risks. The team takes the time to understand each client’s business needs, offering personalized insurance coverage and expert risk management advice. Magnes guides companies through their lifecycle and growth stages, assisting with first hires, contract reviews, employee education, employee benefits, and implementation of best practices. Through collaboration with the industry’s leading insurance companies, they ensure clients receive the most appropriate and affordable protection.

Acting as advisors, Magnes assists clients of all sizes and industries in making informed business decisions. Leave the insurance and education up to Magnes so you can focus on growing your business.

Contact the team at Innovation Factory to access the perks and services offered to clients by Magnes Group.

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Quick Facts

  • Independent insurance brokerage
  • Solution-oriented approach
  • Supporting companies in risk management
  • Support with contract reviews
  • Open to companies of all sizes across industries
  • Expertise in life sciences and manufacturing sectors