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Smart City and Economic Recovery

Smart cities are the next step for urban tourism post-pandemic

Stakeholder engagement is a critical factor for a destination’s success. Technological and smart solutions will continue to be important for the future of travel, but the combination of technology and collaboration are the two prime factors that will lead to more responsible tourism management and an improvement of the touristic experience.

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Blackberry launches IVY innovation fund

Accelerate and Expand Innovation with Blackberry IVY

BlackBerry IVY Innovation Fund portfolio companies will also have access to up to $100,000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits through AWS Activate, a program that has helped hundreds of thousands of early stage startups accelerate their growth and development. This includes access to the Activate Console, a self-service platform that connects startups to insights, technical guidance, and more to help them build their businesses.

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CAV Talent Catalyst Pilot Program

CAV Talent Catalyst Pilot Program

Created in collaboration with and delivered by leading industry organizations, the CAV Talent Catalyst program will explore the foundations of CAVs, highlight up to date sensor technology and provide an overview of cybersecurity protocols; the program also provides the opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

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Labour Market Study AVIN OCI EY

Automotive and Labour Market Study

The Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI), formerly known as Ontario Centres of Excellence, is working with Ernst & Young (EY) as part of its Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) initiative to conduct a labour market study for key segments of the automotive and mobility sector. As a part of this work, we are looking to understand current and expected trends in the automotive and mobility sector’s labour market, as well as key challenges faced by employers in finding quality talent. Findings from the survey will inform OCI’s work related to developing skills and talent strategy to support Ontario’s automotive and mobility sector.

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Transoft Solutions and Region of Durham Detecting Road Safety Issues in Real-Time with AVIN

The AVIN project will extend the core capabilities of Transoft’s automated road safety solutions to allow collision courses between road users to be predicted in real-time so that potential crashes can be detected in advance and avoided. And to further enhance the prediction accuracy and computation efficiency, AI will be moved from the cloud to the edge to accelerate advanced collision warning time for users. Additionally, by monitoring and understanding the patterns of these near-misses, a system for forecasting long-term safety problems will also be included. This data informs planners when allocating road safety budgets and solutions.

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Waymo study on driving behaviour in reconstructed fatal crashes 2021

Waymo Replays Real-life Crashes in Study

This analysis represents a snapshot of one specific operating environment. Should the promising results eventually extend beyond Chandler’s borders to more complex roads, broad safety goals may indeed be achieved.

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