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CAV Talent Catalyst Pilot Program

CAV Talent Catalyst Pilot Program

Created in collaboration with and delivered by leading industry organizations, the CAV Talent Catalyst program will explore the foundations of CAVs, highlight up to date sensor technology and provide an overview of cybersecurity protocols; the program also provides the opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

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Labour Market Study AVIN OCI EY

Automotive and Labour Market Study

The Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI), formerly known as Ontario Centres of Excellence, is working with Ernst & Young (EY) as part of its Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) initiative to conduct a labour market study for key segments of the automotive and mobility sector. As a part of this work, we are looking to understand current and expected trends in the automotive and mobility sector’s labour market, as well as key challenges faced by employers in finding quality talent. Findings from the survey will inform OCI’s work related to developing skills and talent strategy to support Ontario’s automotive and mobility sector.

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Choosing Canada’s Automotive Future

These technologies will continue to evolve, connecting more vehicles to each other, to infrastructure, and to other users on the road. Avoiding undesirable outcomes and achieving the benefits of CASE vehicles in Canada will require meeting significant technical and societal challenges and will depend on how industry, consumers, and governments respond to problems and opportunities today.

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Leading the Future of Goods Movement

In this report, we delineate the
various trends driving change in
how goods move. We also focus on discussing the major
transformations and innovative
opportunities that we are seeing in all industries related to goods movement including logistics, freight, trucking, warehousing, and last-mile delivery.

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Levels of Driving Automation – Update

The J3016 standard defines six levels of driving automation, from SAE Level Zero (no automation) to SAE Level 5 (full vehicle autonomy). It serves as the industry’s most-cited reference for automated-vehicle (AV) capabilities.

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