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Current rail inspection methods and regulations are manpower intensive, time consuming and expensive.

To minimize train disruptions, ApoSys Technologies has developed the Apollo Railway Infrastructure Monitoring Framework (RIMF) which non-intrusively monitors the rails’ surface, subsurface and surrounding environmental data to capture infrastructural deformities. This innovative solution combines the Canadian climate model with satellite imagery to detect ground/infrastructure deformation, map railway undergrounds, measure loaded rail track geometry, and collect local track environmental data. Railway stakeholders can then optimize limited resources, focusing efforts to safeguard the rail network against climate change.

ApoSys is currently supported and recognized by the National Research Council of Canada, Transport Canada, the Ontario Center of Innovation and the Intellectual Property of Ontario. We have also forged strategic partnerships with progressive railway operators like Hudson Bay Railway, and others in Canada and Europe.

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Oliver Wang

Founder, CEO

Philip Marquis

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Steven Li

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


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