Expertise, resources and partners for smart, sustainable transportation

The Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility (CITM) serves as an accelerator for businesses in Ontario that specialize in intelligent, sustainable, and multi-modal transportation solutions, with a specific emphasis on electrification, connected vehicles, and infrastructure for the transportation industry.


FREE services, programs & resources for entrepreneurs

If you’re a start-up or scaling company with an innovative idea, technology, or solution for the smart, connected, and electrified transportation industry, then you’re right where you should be. Join CITM and you’ll have access to specialized business and technical expertise, as well as a variety of services, programs, resources, partners, and opportunities – all to help you develop, test, validate, launch, and scale your solution. These resources and services are available free of charge, thanks to the generous support of our funders and partners.

Strategic partnerships to catalyze innovation

CITM drives innovation with a diverse network of partners who share our passion for supporting entrepreneurship and revolutionary tech solutions. Our partners come from a variety of backgrounds and include industry and technology leaders, academic institutions with advanced R&D capabilities, government agencies, and other associations.

Connect with experts, industry leaders, and organizations at the forefront of technological innovation. Our network of strategic partnerships helps provide entrepreneurs…to help them stay competitive. By partnering with these leaders, we are able to provide entrepreneurs with access to the latest technologies, market insights, and industry trends, helping them stay competitive and innovative.

Smart Transportation Network + DataStor

CITM also offers access to intelligent transportation test environments and a comprehensive dataStor for real-world research, development and validation.

Our areas of focus

electric vehicle transportation hydrogen fuel cell

Electrified vehicle & alternative powertrain technology

Electric Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure Green Transportation Fuel

Electric & hydrogen energy infrastructure

Connected Autonomous Vehicle Systems - Transportation and Mobility

Connected & autonomous vehicle systems

Smart Transportation infrastructure

Smart transportation infrastructure

Transportation as a service solutions

Transportation-as-a-Service solutions

Strategically located in Hamilton, Ontario

Our location in Hamilton, Ontario offers a full range of transportation options including air, rail, port, rural, urban and industrial infrastructure.

CITM is an integral part of Innovation Factory and one of seven regional technology development sites (RTDS) of the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN).

urban transportation and development

Meet our team

Richard Dunda
Vincent Guglielmo
Shannon Graszat
Andrea Guest
Evan MacDonald
Brent Downey

Expert Advisors

Sanjay Dhir
Bruce Inwood
Oren Chervinsky
Ian Levitt
Rick McCutcheon
Bernard Lim
Julie Ellis
John Holland
Tom Turchet
Ing Goping
Inge Christensen
Gordon Wehner
David W. Wright
Gail Martin
Mark Evans
Jisun Hahn

Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network

As Ontario’s flagship initiative for the automotive and mobility sector, the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN), is driving economic development and catalyzing a future that builds safer, cleaner, and more efficient transportation.

The Regional Technology Development Sites (RTDS) support SMEs to develop, test and prototype their advanced automotive technologies and smart mobility solutions, and tap into specific advice, expertise and knowledge around key focus areas for the sector.

The seven RTDS are located in Waterloo, Ottawa, Hamilton, Durham, Windsor-Essex, Toronto and the newly added Northern RTDS that includes Greater Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Timmins, Temiskaming Shores, Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay. Each regional site focuses on a unique aspect of the automotive and smart mobility sector, such as hardware, security, data analytics and more.