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About us

NavMobility provides products and services in the field of smart mobility and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) using sensor technology. We use global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) integrated with inertial navigation systems (INS) and 5G technology to provide precise positioning service for autonomous vehicles as well as mapping purposes. It can be used by municipalities, transportation organization, mapping agencies, automotive companies and engineering consultants to create and update GIS databases and digital maps.

Our product:
Software package (3D LiSM) release of the first version by April 2023


3D LiSM can process very dense LiDAR point clouds and extract road and urban features using deep learning techniques automatically.
Hardware package (NavKit)
NavKit integrates GNSS, INS and 5G signals to estimate the vehicle positioning

Program engagement

NavMobility Inc


Hoda Hosseini


Reza Dini

CEO and Co-founder


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