Digital Transparency in the Public Realm

Technology is all around us, but not much consideration is given to the related data being captured, utilized, and produced. Within public spaces, a standard was required to enable transparency, accountability, and control for individuals. In 2019, a group of experts from cities around the world initiated a collaborative effort to design an open communication standard for Digital Transparency in the Public Realm (DTPR). Today, these open-source standards are public, freely available, and managed by Helpful Places and an emerging coalition of partners and collaborators.

CITM seeks to ensure data privacy and transparency, assuring public users of the intent and use of all related technology. Users can access a list of icons being used in our networks here.

How CITM uses Data

Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility

De-identified Video

De-identified Image

Research & Development



Data is collected by the Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility.

Research & Development


Data supports research and development of connected and autonomous vehicle and smart mobility products and solutions.



Data supports analysis of mobility and the development and validation of smart mobility products and solutions.

De-identified video


Collects video footage and is processed in a way that removes identifying characteristics before it is used or stored.

De-identified image


Collects still images that are processed in a way that removes identifying characteristics before it is used or stored.



Collects acoustic information.



Electronic instruments collect information on atmospheric conditions, such as temperature, air pressure, and humidity.

Radar & Lidar


Uses radio waves and lasers to detect objects, measure distances, and collect data to create a 3-D representation of an object or area.

Pixel-based video

Data Type

Digital video footage is composed of multiple grids of individual pixels.

Pixel-based image

Data Type

Digital images are composed of a grid of individual pixels.


Data Type

Measurements are collected at regular intervals over a period of time.


Data Type

Data is stored in a table, organized in rows and columns.

Artificial Intelligence


Data is processed by automated, algorithmic, or artificial intelligence to derive a new result or data point. 

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Data is grouped or summarized from multiple values.

Available to CITM


CITM will own and retain ownership of data collected from this technology and made temporarily available to CITM clients for research and development.

Stored locally


CITM stores data locally at its data centre in Hamilton, Ontario.

Stored on 3rd party cloud


CITM stores data with a 3rd party organization located in Ottawa, Ontario, to facilitate longer-term storage.

Retained for 1 year


The data is stored for one year and after this period it is deleted.

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Each icon was carefully crafted to help the public better understand data collection and answer the most common question – What is the purpose?