Innovation Challenge - 2023

Electrification Challenge

Build the future of transportation and access growth opportunities by participating in the Electrified vehicle and Sustainable Materials Innovation Challenge.  Applications close on January 21, 2024.

Build the future of smart, sustainable transportation & access growth opportunities for your innovative startup or small business. Apply by January 21, 2024.

Electrification & Sustainability Challenge Stream

Electrifying powertrains aligns with our sustainability mission of decarbonizing vehicle lifecycles. Driven by our commitment to protect the environment, we strive to further reduce carbon emissions through sustainable alternatives.

These alternatives encompass:
• Embracing sustainably sourced renewable and recycled materials to ensure minimal ecological impact.
• Utilizing lightweighting techniques that not only enhance efficiency but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.
• Exploring bio-based solutions as viable alternatives for automotive components, promoting a sustainable and renewable future.
• Incorporating carbon negative materials to actively combat climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere.
• Pursuing breakthroughs in plastics, metals, and leather alternatives to advance sustainable manufacturing practices in our industry.

Meet our Innovation Challenge partner, Magna International

Magna Logo

Magna International

Magna is more than one of the world’s largest suppliers in the automotive space. We are a mobility technology company with a global, entrepreneurial-minded team of over 174,000 employees and an organizational structure designed to innovate like a startup. With 65+ years of expertise, and a systems approach to design, engineering and manufacturing that touches nearly every aspect of the vehicle, we are positioned to support advancing mobility in a transforming industry. Our global network includes 351 manufacturing operations and 103 product development, engineering and sales centers spanning 30 countries.