Innovation Challenge - Spring 2024

Mobility Hub Stream
Challenge 1

Technologies to integrate disparate solutions into a single interface for mobility hub users to plan and create multi-modal trips.

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Mobility Hub Customers (B2C)

Parsons is looking for technologies to integrate disparate solutions into a single interface for mobility hub users to plan and create multi-modal trips. The interface needs to provide and support:

  • A single point of payment for customers
  • Multi-modal trips facilitated by multiple service providers
  • Information to inform customers’ decision making such as price comparisons, estimated trip times, distance, and CO2
  • Data capture, reporting, and visualization of mobility hub users’ trips (e.g., origin-destination pairs, mode choices, etc.)
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Mobility Hub Stream

Mobility hubs optimize connections between individual modes of transportation and the community by improving access and facilitating convenient transitions between modes. They are perfect for growing areas challenged by limited roadway investments or capacity with a need for attractive, efficient, and predictable travel choices. Mobility hubs support first and last mile connections through access to multiple travel options and are important tools for improving the efficiency and the interconnectivity of the transportation system. Traditional examples of mobility hubs include stations and airports (e.g., Grand Central Station or Chicago O’Hare International Airport), but other mobility hubs include bus terminals/depots and carpool lots.

Parsons Corporation has provided three innovation challenges which focus on deriving innovative solutions around designing, building, testing, and validating user, service provider and transit mobility hubs.

Meet our Innovation Challenge partner, Parsons Corporation

Parsons Corporation

Parsons Corporation

As leaders in integrated design and delivery, and experts in the digital enablement of traditional transportation infrastructure, we combine new technologies – like cloud-based intelligent transportation solutions – with legacy infrastructure, to improve traffic efficiency, enhance safety, reduce emissions, and maximize our clients’ investment. Founded in 1944, Parsons Corporation, a digitally enabled solutions provider, is focused on creating the future of the defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure markets. From Earth to outer space, we deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. Equipped with the capabilities required to take on any defense, intelligence, or critical infrastructure challenge, our agile, innovative, and disruptive approach enables us to deliver solutions at the speed of relevance.

Our professionals use the latest technologies to deliver complex roads, bridges, tunnels, highways, and transit solutions. By leveraging augmented and virtual reality, XD modeling, digital twins, and drones, we’re unlocking the potential of transportation infrastructure for our customers and the communities they serve.