Accelerating Canada’s Electric Vehicle Transition

Original Report,, August 2021

Collaboration critical to reshaping the value chain for an evolving market.

The global electric vehicles (EV) market is evolving fast. Policy, regulations, jurisdictional phaseouts of internal combustion engines, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) new product road maps, infrastructure investments and customer acceptance are all converging to support adoption. We’re quickly moving beyond the early adopters, and the opportunity now is to fully commercialize the market for mass adoption.

Canada, which has identified electric vehicles as a key contributor to achieving our transportation sector greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 12 megatonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030, can play a significant role in this evolving EV market. But success will require an ecosystem of participants to collaborate with one another. What does the EV transition in Canada look like, and how can all players come together to maximize the opportunities?

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