Toward a Green Mobility Future: Drivers for Growth and Ontario’s Strengths

Original OVIN Insights Specialized Series Report, December 2021

It is certain that the use of electric vehicles (EVs) brings significant benefits to societies, compared to the conventional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) we have mostly on our roads today. The development and adoption of EVs can help significantly reduce transportation emissions and reliance on fossil fuels as well as strengthening economies through creating more jobs, attracting investments, and establishing partnerships. In our previous report1 of the specialized series, we discussed the different types of EVs and their charging infrastructure technologies, major benefits of adopting EVs, and current market dynamics of EV adoption globally and in Canada. This report is part 2 of a series on green mobility. Despite the tangible progress of EV adoption worldwide over the past decade, it is still considered in its infancy. To start to reap the benefits of green mobility, the number of EVs on roads has to surpass that of the conventional ICEVs. To achieve this, many steps have to be taken and several factors to be considered by all the players of the automotive and mobility ecosystem, including governments, industry, and researchers. In this report, we focus on driving attention to the major drivers for growth to be considered for significantly elevating the adoption of EVs.

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