Charging Infrastructure Companies Feeling the Bite from the Global Chip Shortage

Original Article, J. Paul, Electric Autonomy Canada, July 5, 2021

The dearth of chips inconveniencing the global supply chain is putting pressure on the EV industry as both automakers and infrastructure operators struggle to stay on track.

In response to the deepening microchip shortages plaguing the makers of electronics — from computers to toothbrushes — the electric vehicle industry is now warning that another year of anticipated supply deficits could throw not only manufacturing, but infrastructure rollouts into a period of contraction.

Carter Li, CEO at SWTCH Energy revealed in an interview with Electric Autonomy Canada that “Chip shortages have dramatically slowed our 2021 project rollouts as EVSE [Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment] manufacturers have delayed our shipments by over three months and have increased lead times to over six-to-twelve months.”

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