ON Press announcement for pandemic recovery

Ontario Supporting Business Investment and Prosperity during COVID-19

Original News Release, news.ontario.ca, April 15, 2021

The Ontario government is proposing new red tape and burden reduction measures intended to minimize existing barriers on businesses and support a long-term recovery plan. Today’s announcement of Ontario’s Spring Red Tape Reduction Package introduced the Supporting Recovery and Competitiveness Act.

The proposed legislation is the latest in a series of actions that will help businesses and government deliver clear, modern and effective rules that promote public health, safeguard the environment and create jobs. If passed, the act will help more individuals, families and small businesses recover from the economic effects of COVID-19 and prepare them for future opportunities.

One of the proposed legislative changes in the act includes helping to ensure Ontario remains a global leader in the connected and automated vehicle industry by supporting innovative pilot programs – like consulting on adding new vehicle types such as automated farm vehicles, and removing certain restrictions around modified automated vehicles.

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