POV Hamilton

POV Hamilton Podcast featuring Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility

Original PodcastPOV-Hamilton, June 16, 2022

Transportation is changing rapidly. As connected, electric, and automated vehicles evolve, smart mobility is becoming the norm, and technology producers are adjusting to ensure they stay on the cutting edge. New companies are also forming to capitalize on this transformation. As an accelerator, the Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility (CITM) supports start-up companies developing the next generation of transportation technology solutions, and provides business support and resources to help these companies launch, grow, and scale.

Recently, CITM Director, Richard Dunda, sat down with POV Hamilton to share why this region is the perfect place to support companies focused on multi-modal transportation; the types of leading innovation we are seeing today; the unique Smart Transportation Network + DataStor infrastructure available to support product development and commercialization; and why being a part of this innovation ecosystem is exciting.

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