Startup Preteckt Predicts Engine Failures in Vehicles, Scores $1.7M from U.S. Army

Original Article, J. Klyce, November 24, 2021

In January 2020, as Krish Inbarajan and his colleagues planned out the next year for Preteckt, their predictive maintenance startup, they received an alert about one of their client’s trucks.

Its engine was going to break down.

The truck was in Canada, where the frigid air could spell trouble for both the goods and the driver. Quickly, Preteckt called the client’s VP of maintenance and told them the engine would fail. Preteckt wanted to give a head’s up so the the engine could be fixed before it became a major problem.

For Inbarajan, who had been with Preteckt just a few months, the event validated his decision to join the company, and confirmed its potential.

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