Autonomous Vehicles through Gender Perspective Glasses

Original Report, B. Rodriguez et al., Diamond Project, January 2022

When this document was initially conceived, the main foreseen contents were linked to the (potentially differentiated) emotional needs of women and men in automated vehicles. The research and work developed during the DIAMOND project has contributed to widen the scope of this report to other fields beyond that of the emotions. In this sense, such aspects as the unfairness and inequality present in current cars need to be highlighted in a work of these characteristics.

In addition, as Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs) are still a product that is under development, we have considered it interesting to mention tools and methodologies in the guidelines that could be used to gain more knowledge of the needs and requirements of potential CAV passengers, especially girls and women. By doing so, we wanted to provide useful information which could contribute to improving fairness and equality in autonomous vehicles based on human factors and participatory design.

This report contains the complete contents of the guidelines entitled “Autonomous vehicles through gender perspective glasses. Designing a more inclusive and gender-fair autonomous car”. The structure of the guidelines is based on the following main blocks:

▪ Introduction and definitions
▪ Results and recommendations

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