Paint It Red – A Multimethod Study of the Nudging Effect of Coloured Cycle Lanes

Original Research Article, A. Fyhri*, K. Karlsen, and H. Sundfør, published in frontiers in Psychology, June 2, 2021

This article provides a comprehensive look at the impact of red cycle lanes in Oslo, Norway, and supports previous findings that coloured cycles lanes can impact both motorists’ and cyclists’ behaviour, as well as cyclists’ perceptions of the cycle lane. While we have not looked at accident or injury risks, differences in motorist and cyclist behaviour might impact actual, as well as perceived, safety. These results indicate that using red asphalt affects behaviours and perceptions that are central to the attainment of policy goals for increased cycling. We also argue that coloured cycle lanes can be defined as nudges and that increased salience of cyclists and cycle lanes can explain the observed changes in behaviour and perception.

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