Update to Guidelines for Testing Automated Driving Systems in Canada

Original Article, Transport Canada, September 2021

Message from the Minister of Transport
It is my great pleasure to introduce Guidelines for Testing Automated Driving Systems in Canada Version 2.0. This document replaces Transport Canada’s earlier document, Testing Highly Automated Vehicles in Canada: Guidelines for Trial Organizations, published in 2018. These updated guidelines incorporate new best practices and technical standards that have been developed by the international community as testing of automated driving systems continues to expand around the world, including within Canada.

Motor vehicles continue to play a vital role in the lives of Canadians by connecting communities, businesses and families across one of the world’s largest roadway networks.

Today, with the introduction of automated vehicles, we are witnessing a pivotal shift in motor vehicle technology that will transform many aspects of Canadian life. Automated vehicles have the potential to improve the efficiency of Canada’s transportation system, as well as increase mobility choices, offer environmental benefits and create new economic opportunities for Canadians.

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