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Since being founded in 1953 JGW Machine Limited has long been recognized for having dependable quality and technical innovation. Extensive utilization of hi-tech technology coupled with competitive pricing has always met or exceeded the needs of its customers. 

JGW Machine Limited possesses a broad portfolio of CNC routing/machining centres, laser cut-off, robotic weld stations and in-house conveyorized powder coat paint system. Their services include metal fabrication, welding, CNC machining, metal spinning and value added assembly in our efficient assembly cells. With a  100,000 square foot facility, strategically located in South Western Ontario, the team employs over 85 skilled employees to meet the needs of its clients.

Contact the team at Innovation Factory to access the perks and services offered to clients by JGW Machine Limited. 

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JGW Machine Limited


Quick Facts

  • Machine fabrication, manufacturing, and assembly services
  • Over 70 years of industry experience
  • Ships across North America daily
  • Subassembly or full assembly services
  • Possesses an in-house powder coat paint system
  • Expertise with robotic weld cells
  • Offers laser cut-off
  • In-house engineering staff
  • Ability to manage steel, aluminum, stainless steel and plastics