Microsoft for Startups


Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub helps remove traditional barriers to building a tech company by democratizing historically inaccessible resources including expert mentorship. Founders can get started on the platform in minutes and gain free access to the technology and support that’s critical to turning dreams into life-changing products.

The benefits vary depending on the stage of your startup.  Microsoft provides benefits that scale with you as your business and team scales. Examples of the types of benefits you can get access to:

  • Mentors who are experts in your industry or technology type to help validate your idea
  • Azure sponsorship credits that grow with you as your needs increase
  • Microsoft 365 productivity tools including Teams for video conferencing, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • GitHub and Visual Studio Code for developer collaboration
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Microsoft For Startups Founders Hub


Quick Facts

  • Microsoft Founders applications 
  • Free access to Microsoft 365 productivity tools 
  • Resources for developer collaboration 
  • For startup and founders