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Mohawk College has been providing a quality, higher education experience to students in Hamilton and the surrounding area since 1967. As one of Canada’s leading colleges for applied research, Mohawk is working collaboratively with a growing number of industry, government and community partners to create innovative solutions to practical problems. These opportunities provide Mohawk students with valuable real-world experiences that cannot be replicated in a classroom. 

Innovation Factory will connect you to the right people at Mohawk. Whether you are looking to tap into Mohawk’s Entrepreneurship hub, their hub of applied research and innovation, or help you hire developing talent, the Innovation Factory team will make the connection.

Contact the team at Innovation Factory to access the perks and services offered to clients by Mohawk College.

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Quick Facts

  • Canada’s leading applied research college 
  • Established in 1967
  • A hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, applied research and talent
  • Collaborates with industry and community partners