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Naryant is the end-to-end digital transformation partner, leading organizations to reimagine, build, and evolve custom software solutions using data. Naryant specializes in data strategy and custom software solutions; and provides a comprehensive range of services including data consulting, fleet analytics, and integrated data-driven solutions for the cloud, web, mobile, and IoT.

Naryant offers select Innovation Factory clients exclusive access to their technical expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, top talent, networks, and commercialization know-how. Naryant embarks on cutting-edge projects and pilots that allow you to enhance, build, and validate various aspects of the solutions you intend to bring to the market.

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Quick Facts

  • Specializes in data strategy
  • Offers custom software solutions
  • Provides data consulting and fleet analytics
  • Engages in cutting-edge projects and pilots
  • Builds Solutions for Cloud, Web, Mobile, and IoT