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Discover low and no-code solutions for developing your minimum viable product (MVP). Roadmap to MVP is a 10-week workshop tailored to women-identifying entrepreneurs, providing a collaborative space to define and develop your MVP.

Throughout the workshop, founders will gain an understanding of the product development cycle and shape their MVP under expert mentorship.

Taking advantage of the latest low and no-code solutions, participants will outline the essential features and functionalities of their product or service, while engaging in a vibrant group dynamic.

Tailored for women entrepreneurs looking to create and validate their MVP, Roadmap to MVP provides founders with the necessary tools and know-how to bring their concept to life.

Looking to develop your MVP? Connect with your Innovation Factory Advisor to learn more about the Road Map to MVP program.

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Road Map to MVP


Quick Facts

  • 10-week workshop for women-identifying entrepreneurs
  • Explore low and no-code solutions
  • Define and develop MVP in a supportive environment
  • Expert mentorship
  • Free to participate