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The Urban Robotics Foundation (URF) was created in 2021 as a not-for-profit organization to bring together stakeholders from around the world who are interested in the opportunities and challenges presented by public-area mobile robots (PMRs) and to help shape the new international standard for deployment and governance of this technology.

URF is helping create pathways to readiness for PMRs with a focus on accessibility and improved livability in urban spaces. They publish and promote URF’s Guides to PMRs, conduct workshops and webinars, provide advisory services, and are drafting ISO-TS4448, the new global standard that sets the parameters and procedures for Intelligent Transport Systems (PMRs and automated pathway devices).

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Urban Robotics Foundation


Quick Facts

  • Supporting robotics innovators
  • Leveraging PMRs to enhance accessibility
  • Hosting webinars & workshops
  • Preparing urban planners for PMRs
  • Make strategic intros for pilot projects
  • Developing global standards for PMRs
  • Publishing PMR guide books
  • Sharing PMR use cases / best practices