Advanced R&D with real-world test sites, rich data and analytics

Join CITM and you’ll have access to our Smart Transportation Network + DataStor, Ontario’s only live, multi-site, 5G research and development (R&D) network for electrified vehicle and connected and autonomous vehicle (C/AV) innovation.

Test your intelligent transportation hardware, software, and artificial intelligence (AI) in real-world conditions and use the rich datasets generated by the vehicles and devices using the network.

Smart city environments, compute at the edge capability

CITM provides two environments in Hamilton with sophisticated infrastructure to validate your intelligent transportation technology in a real-world city setting – real streets with real intersections, real cars and real people.

smart transportation network and datastor for research and development

Network Infrastructure:

  • 4G and 5G connectivity
  • Fibre optic connectivity
  • Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) connectivity
  • IoT roadside sensors, including: high-definition cameras, Radar, Lidar, environmental, and audio

Choose the environment that suites your needs

Choose from two smart transportation network environments, with more on the way:

Urban: public network in a high-density commercial area located in Hamilton’s escarpment area provides a complex traffic management environment with high-traffic roads, sidewalks with moderate pedestrian traffic.

Office Park: private network located at McMaster Innovation Park features a simpler environment with low-traffic roads, light pedestrian traffic, managed crosswalks, and parking lots.

Powered by leading-edge technology platforms

Our technology partners provide access to their platforms plus personnel and engineering resources, development tools and developer support.

SmartCone EdgeSmart Accelerator

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V2X platform

my Geotab + Geotab Altitude platform

Smart Transportation DataStor

Smart Transportation infrastructure
Electric Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure Green Transportation Fuel
electric vehicle transportation hydrogen fuel cell

The Smart Transportation DataStor is a comprehensive repository of data from IoT sensors on the CITM Smart Transportation Network as well as other sources.   The datasets include intersection video, audio, radar and lidar, and environmental data.  The DataStor also includes traffic management system and traffic camera data from the City of Hamilton and sample datasets from SmartCone’s EdgeSmart network environments.  

As a unique R&D resource, the Smart Transportation DataStor offers comprehensive, searchable datasets to help CITM clients and partners build software and develop and train AI, machine learning and advanced algorithms

Data is also available to research groups and government agencies for policy and program development for smart city readiness and supply chain management.

Access the CITM Smart Transportation DataStor for free to test and validate your innovation.

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Data from the Smart Transportation DataStor is not for sale and is not commercially available nor is it commercialized in any way.  Learn more about our commitment to data transparency.