Driven by Mobility: The Road to Smart Transportation infrastructure

Welcome to our Driven by Mobility series. For this blog post, we will dive into the world of “Smart Transportation Infrastructure”, the backbone of the mobility concepts we’ve been discussing in this series.  Envision a city that evolves with its inhabitants, anticipates their needs, and optimizes its functionality in real time. That’s the power of […]

Driven by Mobility: The Future with TaaS

Businessman using mobile smartphone to utilize TaaS, icons of cloud and Internet of things are layered a top the image.

Welcome to Driven by Mobility. In this article we will tap into the fascinating world of Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS)! Picture this: you request a ride on your phone, and a sleek, autonomous electric vehicle arrives to take you to your destination. No need for car ownership, no maintenance worries, and most importantly, no carbon footprint. It’s […]

Driven by Mobility: Hydrogen and Electric Energy

A beautiful scene of blue sky and green grass over looking a hill. A sleek white wind turbine represents the clean energy being generated.

As our world transitions away from fossil fuels and embraces alternative energy, Canadians can look forward to a host of positive changes in their lives. One crucial benefit will be the reduction in energy costs. By adopting renewable energy sources like electric and hydrogen energy, we can generate power at a lower cost, ultimately benefiting […]

Driven by Mobility: The Electrifying EV Revolution in Ontario

A beautiful high definition image of a sleek white electric SUV cruising down a empty highway, with the bright blue sky and bright sun behind. A banner above the SUV shows CITM - Centre of Integrated Transportation and Mobility's logo, as well as the texts "Driven by Mobility: The Electrifying EV Revolution in Ontario".

Welcome back to another edition of Driven by Mobility, where we explore CITM’s five areas of focus. As you have probably guessed, this article is about Ontario Electric vehicles (EV’s)! Imagine driving a car that’s efficient, stylish, and eco-friendly. Well, that’s the direction the sector is headed. Right now, we’re seeing big changes in how […]