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Smart City and Economic Recovery

Smart cities are the next step for urban tourism post-pandemic

Stakeholder engagement is a critical factor for a destination’s success. Technological and smart solutions will continue to be important for the future of travel, but the combination of technology and collaboration are the two prime factors that will lead to more responsible tourism management and an improvement of the touristic experience.

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Trucks on marked road

Autonomous Trucks: An Opportunity to Make Road Freight Safer, Cleaner and More Efficient

It is not surprising that self-driving trucks didn’t initially catch the public imagination. Most people
have never been in a truck before, let alone a self-driving one, and few give them more than a passing thought. However, trucks affect everyone’s lives: from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, nearly everything we buy reaches us via a truck. This means that automating the movement of goods may have as deep an impact on our lives as
automating how we move ourselves.

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Smart Mobility for Off-Road Use: Developments and Opportunities in the Agriculture Industry

The benefits of using autonomous and connected vehicles in agricultural fields and farms have proved to be equally – if not more – rewarding for owners, operators, and consumers. The use of smart mobility in the agriculture industry has been rewarding for the technology itself as well. Fields and farms are serving as testing and proving grounds for these technologies as they are advancing to make their mark in the transportation realm.

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Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index (AVRI) 2020

Canada is one of the countries assessed by this research as having the highest ratings for both government-funded Autonomous Vehicles (AV) pilots and industry partnerships, and much of its significant work is focused on collaboration. Organizations collaborate through the Ontario’s Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network, which is supported by the province’s government.

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Choosing Canada’s Automotive Future

These technologies will continue to evolve, connecting more vehicles to each other, to infrastructure, and to other users on the road. Avoiding undesirable outcomes and achieving the benefits of CASE vehicles in Canada will require meeting significant technical and societal challenges and will depend on how industry, consumers, and governments respond to problems and opportunities today.

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The Future of Transit

This report walks through the disruptive transit trends that exist, and the services and innovative solutions that transit riders can experience and benefit from now and in the near future.

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Leading the Future of Goods Movement

In this report, we delineate the
various trends driving change in
how goods move. We also focus on discussing the major
transformations and innovative
opportunities that we are seeing in all industries related to goods movement including logistics, freight, trucking, warehousing, and last-mile delivery.

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