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Waymo study on driving behaviour in reconstructed fatal crashes 2021

Waymo Replays Real-life Crashes in Study

This analysis represents a snapshot of one specific operating environment. Should the promising results eventually extend beyond Chandler’s borders to more complex roads, broad safety goals may indeed be achieved.

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Autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, urban planning, smart city, smart infrastructure

Integrated Modelling of Autonomous Electric Vehicle Diffusion: From Review to Conceptual Design

In order to find evidence about the linkages and interactions between the diffusion of AEVs and the six connected urban sub-systems (i.e., transportation, land use, economy, energy, environment, and population systems), this paper reviewed the adoption of AVs, EVs, and AEVs and their impacts on the connected urban sub-systems, mainly through the interpretation of empirical findings from those studies investigating AVs and EVs, separately.

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US Smart City adds Open Source Autonomous Research Vehicle

Equipped with Level 3 autonomous capabilities on an open-source platform, this research vehicle will interact with local residents in a living laboratory environment, differing from other test vehicles that test only within closed courses or are limited to a host company’s proprietary platform.

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