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The Urban Robotics Foundation (URF) helps you anticipate how public mobile robots (PMRs) impact a city’s systems and people.

Focused on universal accessibility, we are developing the international standard ISO 4448 series for deploying and operating Public Mobile Robots (PMRs) within pedestrianized spaces. Accessibility must come first for PMRs to be accepted.

URF is the initiator and global project leader of the ISO International Standards series ISO 4448. The ISO4448 series is evolving and is targeted for completion in 2025.

We offer our members the opportunity to discuss and contribute to the standards in collaboration with other stakeholders. Our deep knowledge of ISO 4448 gives us a strategic view of how PMRs impact each stakeholder’s interests.

Join URF to learn the pros/cons and have a say in the international standards (ISO) intended to guide safe PMR integration into cities that want them.

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Bern Grush

Founder and Executive Director

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Managing Director


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