Microcredential Opportunities for the Automotive and Mobility Sector

Original Article, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, September 8, 2021

Microcredentials are a form of focused learning with the potential to respond to both the modern hiring needs of employers and the training needs of adults looking to advance or pivot in the labour market. At HEQCO, we define them as being tied to short learning opportunities that are focused on a discrete set of skills, knowledge or attributes. They provide more targeted training than traditional degrees, certificates and diplomas.

Ontario’s Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) was one of the groups HEQCO engaged in research about microcredentials. The automotive and mobility sector, being a site of frequent innovation and technological disruption, is a great example of a place where microcredentials could serve both employers and workers. Teams from AVIN and HEQCO discussed our research findings in an effort to identify the opportunities and challenges associated with microcredentials, and the applicability of HEQCO findings to the automotive and mobility sector.

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