Auper Motorcycle parked near window of Innovation Factory's office space

Auper Motorcycles: Accelerating innovation with sustainable e-motorcycle technology

The future of transportation belongs to electric vehicles of all kinds — not just the four-wheeled variety — and Canadian technology start-up, Auper Motorcycles is poised to lead the sustainable transportation revolution in developing countries like Brazil.

Auper is developing the next generation of electric motorcycles while introducing a new approach to motorcycle ownership focused on improving rider safety and security, and making practical electric motorcycles affordable to everyone.

“Our mission is to redefine the electric motorcycle industry and provide riders with an affordable, safer, more secure, connected experience that empowers them to explore the world on two wheels,” said Silvio Rotilli Filho, Co-Founder and CEO of Auper Motorcycles.

Founded in 2021, Auper has been involved with Innovation Factory (iF) and the Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility’s (CITM) programs and partners for the past year. IF and CITM have provided mentorship, R&D support, networking opportunities, advice on issues such as intellectual property, and connections to potential investors as well as key government contacts such as Vic Fedeli, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

Auper also participated in the Future of Transportation and Mobility Series and was among last year’s cohort at The Forge, a McMaster University incubator program and CITM partner.

Choosing Latin America’s largest economy for Auper’s target market is both personal and strategic: two of the company’s co-founders are from Brazil, where inexpensive, low-tech motorcycles are an integral part of daily life for millions of workers and commuters. Brazil represents a $6.4-billion market with more than 1.4 million motorcycles sold in 2022, compared to just 66,000 motorbikes and scooters sold in Canada last year.

“We’re on a mission to make advanced electric motorcycles accessible to everyone,” said Rotilli Filho. “We’ve set ourselves apart from the competition with a full-sized e-motorbike that’s designed for city living and commuting. It is safe, secure against theft, affordable, and has a far lower impact on the environment than traditional gas-powered motorcycles.”

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