SWTCH's proven charging software, already powering chargers across North America, will enable itselectric to offer 99% charger uptime and offer advanced load management,

itselectric Partners with SWTCH to Revolutionize Urban EV Charging

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2023 — itselectric, a Brooklyn-based electric vehicle (EV) curbside charging company, today announced it has partnered with  SWTCH Energy, a company pioneering EV charging solutions for multi-tenant buildings across North America, as its software provider for managing, maintaining and optimizing its charging network as it brings accessible and affordable curbside EV charging to cities across the U.S.

“The country needs 1.2 million more public EV chargers by 2030, particularly in dense urban neighborhoods. Today, the biggest barrier to deployment is the cost and complexity of connecting an EV charger directly to the utility’s main in the roadway. Our charging network fully avoids this barrier, enabling affordable and scalable curbside charging infrastructure that benefits cities, drivers, and communities,” said Tiya Gordon, COO and Co-Founder of itselectric. “We’re aligned with SWTCH in many ways including our approach to closing charging gaps by pulling power from the built environment. This partnership now enables us to leverage SWTCH’s software to power our next-generation,smart, sleek, and easy public EV charging.”

itselectric provides urban networks of Level 2 curbside charging posts at no cost to cities or to property owners, and is also the only curbside charging network that offers revenue sharing to property owners. Once a property is deemed eligible, itselectric installs and maintains a low-profile charger, and property owners earn passive income. With this business model, itselectric helps cities meet their carbon reduction targets and reduce capital expenditure by completely avoiding the utility infrastructure upgrades normally needed to support on-street charging.

SWTCH’s EV charging management platform will offer itselectric seamless insight and control of its charging network, including turnkey driver billing and charging fee remittance, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance alerts to ensure charger uptime, and real-time charger insights and reporting. By monitoring charger energy use in real-time, and setting charging rates by energy or time used, SWTCH will maximize charger earnings that will be passed to city property owners. Real-time monitoring will also enable itselectric to ensure the reliability of its charging network at scale in support of EV adoption in cities.

“We’re excited to have itselectric join the SWTCH network and help them expand their reach. Dense urban areas require innovative, cost-efficient charging infrastructure solutions. Our open charging platform and energy management solution has been unlocking EV charging access in multifamily buildings for city residents and itselectric chargers offer a unique solution for the curb,” said Carter Li, CEO of SWTCH. “By partnering with building owners to maximize existing electrical capacities, and giving them a piece of the earnings, we’re solving the urban charger deployment problem.”

To learn more about itselectric and join its waitlist as a property owner, EV driver, or aspiring EV driver, please visit itselectric.us.

About itselectric

Millions of drivers park their cars on the street and cannot transition to electric vehicles without convenient and affordable on-street charging. itselectric is accelerating the rate of adoption of EVs by providing communities with scalable and simple curbside EV charging that seamlessly integrates into their neighborhoods. itselectric’s solution ensures that every community – no matter the median income or prevalence of driveways and garages – has access to clean transportation.

itselectric’s “behind the meter” approach results in zero impact on municipal budgets. They partner with cities across the U.S. to install, operate and maintain chargers at no cost to the city or to the host property owner – all while allowing property owners to earn passive income every month. To learn more, please visit itselectric.us.

About SWTCH Energy

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with offices in Brooklyn and Boston, SWTCH is pioneering EV charging solutions for multifamily, commercial, and workplace properties across North America. SWTCH leverages the latest technology available to help building owners and operators deploy EV charging by tapping into their existing grid infrastructure. Through constant innovation and an extensive partnership network, SWTCH provides the most profitable and unique business model for multi-tenant buildings to stay competitive. For more information, visit www.swtchenergy.com.

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