Miovision Core: Building the Foundation for Software Solutions at the Intersection

Original Article, Miovision, December 8, 2021

Today, Miovision® launches a powerful new hardware platform – Miovision Core® – to support the next generation of software solutions at the intersection from Miovision and its growing list of best-in-class partners. Miovision Core is a small, extensible device that plugs into existing traffic signals and immediately connects them to a cellular network, offering traffic teams remote monitoring and alerts for maintenance and repair issues. Add-on extensions offer video-based detection, continuous traffic data, and Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs); software solutions from Miovision and its partners offer signal priority, with more software capabilities planned.

“Miovision Core is smaller and more powerful than our previous hardware platform,” said Miovision Co-founder and CEO, Kurtis McBride. “It has the capacity to run a vast array of software solutions – from Miovision and our partners. In fact, we’ve already attracted leading partners like GTT and RapidFlow.”

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