Partner Media Release: SmartCone and CITM build Smart City IoT Data Repository to Support Start ups and SMEs

Original Media Release, SmartCone, November 15, 2021

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SmartCone Technologies, Canada’s leader in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions is proud to announce its technology partnership with the Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility (CITM). SmartCone is working to build a database Architecture and Platform that will capture data from all Smart Mobility Networks, both 4G & 5G elements, Intelligent IoT Nodes, C-V2X device, IoT devices and other sensors installed on the Smart Mobility Networks. Currently, there are two Smart Mobility Network sites in operation within the City of Hamilton, a public testbed located on the Mountain in the City of Hamilton, referred to as the “Urban Test Environment” and a private testbed within McMaster Innovation Park, referred to as the “Office Park Test Environment”.

CITM’s Smart Mobility R&D Network (SMN) and Smart City IoT Data Repository were built to support start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) business clients with product development, R&D, and testing of smart mobility and transportation solutions. As one of three CITM technology partners, SmartCone’s hardware and software became an integral part of the SMN in 2020 and is also a key component of the data repository, available in November 2021. Clients can utilize these technological resources for free, gaining access to a complex test environment that includes both 4G/5G wireless connectivity, cloud storage, IoT/Compute at the Edge capability, and a V2X platform.

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