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Invest WindsorEssex VR CAVE Automobility Simulator

The Windsor Essex Regional Technology Development Site (RTDS), CITM’s OVIN sister-site in Windsor, serves as an innovation centre for start-ups, SMEs, and research institutions to bring ideas and know-how to position the Windsor-Essex region and Canada as leaders in the development and production of zero-emission vehicles. CITM start-ups clients have access to the VR CAVE simulator – the largest publicly accessible virtual reality (VR) CAVE in Ontario. The VR CAVE is an immersive and active virtual reality environment, integrated with state-of-the-art hardware and software. The facility serves as a teaching, training, and research tool for the region and beyond, designed to support connected and autonomous vehicle development. The CAVE provides many valuable opportunities to aid in ramp-up factory product development, including simulation, skills training, communication, and collaboration. Virtual prototyping through the CAVE will allow for products and processes to be tested before final verification with physical prototypes are performed.