Engineering and Design Resources

Design, prototype and build your solution with help from multi-disciplinary expertise, engineering services, turnkey electronic design solutions.

McMaster Centre for Software Certification

McSCert is a global leader in development and evaluation of software-intensive systems. McSCert partners with a broad range of clients from industries where software failure can have devastating physical, financial or political consequences, including medical device, financial, automotive and nuclear power sectors. This cross-industry experience gives us a unique perspective and advantage.

McSCert offers consultation, research and development and contract software certification services to help innovators build, test, and refine critical software applications to create software intensive systems that are amenable to certification.

NeuronicWorks Inc.

NeuronicWorks is a multi-faceted engineering services firm that offers turnkey electronic design solutions and provides support through the entire product development lifecycle from ideation to manufacturing. NeuronicWorks capabilities include hardware design, embedded firmware, software development, application design and development, mechanical and industrial design, graphic and UI/UX design, prototyping, testing support, qualification and certification, mass manufacturing support, Box Build Assembly and PCBA assembly.

NeuronicWorks offers CITM clients free consultations.


Formed from McMaster University’s Computing Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC), FyeLabs supports young start-ups and scale-ups, to help take them from idea to a minimum viable product in months or weeks if possible.  Using their multidisciplinary expertise and unique Innovation-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, FyeLabs simplifies the process act of developing new products and technologies for ambitious small and medium businesses to level the playing field between small companies and large corporations. 

FyeLabs multidisciplinary expertise includes software, algorithms, electrical/power systems, mechanical, electronics and industrial automation.

FyeLabs offers CITM clients complimentary ‘Triage Services’ for initial intake consultations and discounted professional services.