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On Road Trial of Electric Low Speed Automated Shuttle (LSAS)

Original AVIN Insights Technology Spotlight, May 10, 2021

Low Speed Automated Shuttles (LSASs)1 have the potential to provide new transportation options for riders over the first and last mile of their journey and enhance access to public transportation. They could also provide commuters with a seamless and convenient connection to transportation hubs such as airports.

Driven by an overarching vision to develop and implement state-of-the-art mobility solutions at the federal, provincial and municipal levels and create cleaner and more efficient mobility for citizens in urban and rural areas, Transport Canada (TC) launched an on-road electric Low Speed Automated Shuttle (LSAS) trial in Ontario. This trial was conducted in partnership with Area X.O operated by Invest Ottawa, the National Research Council (NRC), the City of Ottawa, and EasyMile (refer to section Engagement – Trial Partners for full list of contributors).

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