Mohawk College IDEAWORKS Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre


The Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC) at Mohawk College is a leading research centre in metal additive manufacturing, the AMIC provides designers and manufacturers with a collaborative applied research environment in which to explore the technology on an industrial scale. The Centre’s focus is on supporting industrial adoption of advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0 technologies for increased efficiency and better product design.

Industry partners can access laser sintering capabilities (utilizing metal (DMLS) and plastic (SLS) powders), fused deposition modelling (FDM), optical and scanning electron microscopy to characterize materials, and a trained research team to operate the labs and collaborate on projects. AMIC projects help industry with innovative product (re)design and development; manufacturing process optimization; and new materials development. Workshops and specialized training are also available to industry.

Contact the team at Innovation Factory to be connected with the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre at McMaster University.

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Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre


Quick Facts

  • Hub for advanced additive manufacturing
  • Supports Industry 4.0 technology adoption
  • Unlocks diverse manufacturing capabilities
  • Collaborative projects with trained research team
  • Enables product redesign, process optimization