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Founders Fast Track is a unique, interactive, and intensive 6-week training program specifically designed to provide start-ups with the necessary tools, resources, and skills for a successful fundraising journey.

Participants will benefit from a comprehensive, no-cost curriculum covering key topics such as customer development, pitch preparation, funding strategies, and market trends. Eligible start-ups will also have access to valuable mentorship, networking opportunities, and educational workshops.

The program culminates in a speed pitching event, where each company will have the chance to connect and pitch to at least three angel or pre-seed/seed stage investors. The top 10 best-performing start-ups will receive an exclusive invitation to compete for cash prizes in Innovation Factory’s flagship pitch competition, LiONS LAIR.

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Start scaling with Founders Fast Track

Founders Fast Track


Quick Facts

  • Unique and interactive 6-week training cohort
  • For start-up to SME stages of business
  • For businesses that past proof of concept
  • Access mentorship, networking, and educational workshops
  • Network with investors
  • Top 10 start-ups invited to participate in LiONS LAIR
  • Free to participate in the program