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OwnershIP by Innovation Factory is an experiential education program, helping Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) understand your current intellectual property (IP) gaps, and develop a 3-5 year strategy for protecting your IP. 

Successful applicants will leverage up to $15,000 worth of legal insight and expertise, funding opportunities, legal consultation, and a national network; empowering you to grow your IP knowledge, protect their property and scale their business. 

OwnershIP not only focuses on educating founders, but it also provides actionable guidance through critical considerations of IP development. Canadian SMEs participating in the OwnershIP program can then go on to be considered for future funding and strategic support towards developing their IP and IP strategy.

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OwnershIP by Innovation Factory


Quick Facts

  • Canadian SMEs at any stage of business
  • Innovative, tech-focused businesses
  • Must be a registered Canadian business
  • Free to participate in the program
  • Currently accepting applications
  • Program timeline is 3-6 months
  • Features online workshops and courses
  • Access IP resources and tools