5G & Enabling Smart Cities & Connected Vehicle Presented by NOKIA
This webinar will focus on how 5G will enable Smart Cities & Connected Vehicle.
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Thought leadership in transportation software, standards, and education
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CITM is launching the Urban Test Environment
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Centre for integrated Transportation and Mobility

Accelerating multi-modal and integrated mobility innovation in Ontario

We support start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises that are developing the next generation of connected and autonomous vehicle, smart mobility, and smart transportation technology.

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Ontario’s First Carbon-Negative Bus in Hamilton

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) buses cost half compared to electric buses and have a similar fuel price as diesel. Diesel buses can be replaced 1-for-1 with RNG without compromising performance. Like diesel, RNG operates during freezing weather conditions and refuelling takes minutes, not hours. This demonstrates that municipalities can have carbon-neutral transit today without sacrificing performance, reliability or range.

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Choosing Canada’s Automotive Future

These technologies will continue to evolve, connecting more vehicles to each other, to infrastructure, and to other users on the road. Avoiding undesirable outcomes and achieving the benefits of CASE vehicles in Canada will require meeting significant technical and societal challenges and will depend on how industry, consumers, and governments respond to problems and opportunities today.

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