How a Deliberate Approach to Diversity and Inclusion Improved Employee Engagement at this Tech Start-up

Original Article, BDC – Business Development Bank of Canada

Miovision began with just three people: Kurtis McBride was attending University of Waterloo when his summer job counting traffic alerted him to the potential of using digital technology to gather, store and analyze traffic data. In 2005, McBride partnered with two of his fellow students to bring his traffic-solution idea to life.

Fifteen years and countless innovations later, Kitchener, Ontario-based Miovision is a recognized leader in helping cities get more out of their road networks by identifying actionable intelligence from multimodal traffic data.

But as the company grew beyond its initial three founders, the increasing number of employees brought its own challenges. Ensuring that employees were able to perform at their best and feel comfortable within the organization became an important focus for the company.

“Ultimately, employees will perform better if they feel they can be themselves at work,” says Jennifer Roy Wincey, VP of People Operations & Culture at Miovision, “That’s really what an inclusive business culture is all about.”

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