Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies – Insights for Codes and Standards in Canada

Original Report, G. Knapp, M. Bullock, and C. Stogios,, January 2020

Transportation will rapidly change and evolve with the advancement of connectivity and automation technology. Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) will fundamentally change the way people and goods are transported from one place to another. Ensuring the safety of their operation and maintaining a safe transportation network will be paramount for the seamless integration of CAVs on public roads. To support this advancement of technology, it is important to develop an understanding of their impacts on their surrounding environments, as well as an understanding of the existing landscape of relevant codes and standards, which provide guidance for the safety and security of technology and products for use by the public. In this regard, codes and standards will play a critical role in the safe, secure, and seamless integration of CAVs onto roads and for public use. Identifying gaps in the existing landscape provides insight on where future work needs to be focused and on the challenges that are being faced by the industry.

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